All Souls Pass

Everyone knows that Vampires, Elves and other magical creatures are real. Everyone knows that a love spell can be cast if you find the right Witch and pay their price. Everyone knows that Vampires are, at most, half blooded and Witches, well you’d be lucky to have find one strong enough to make the spell work.

Spoiled and selfish, Macy enjoyed his life. Times were good and for the most part he had little to worry about. Content with his life and lover, the cynical, brooding York, everything seemed stable.

Until, bored one night, Macy stumbles across a young human street hustler being beaten and steps in on a whim. The boy is more than he appears and curious, Macy takes him home to learn more. It’s a choice that’ll push Macy, York and the mysterious boy into a larger conflict. Will doing what’s right cause a global turf war between creatures most humans believe long since powerless? If so, is the right thing still worth doing?




Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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